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I cannot help you with the data you seek. But the team which prepared
the report to which you refer has apparently been carrying out
research at the temple in question for a number of years, and their
results (published in a number of journals in the field) are
disturbing--the level of known toxins in the air is generally very
high. The correlate is that home incense buring is also probably a
risky thing to do, since although the amount of incense burned is
smaller, the space is also much smaller, and the air exchange perhaps
also less than in a typical temple--there must be research on this,
but I haven't looked for it. Are there epidemological studies on
Taiwanese or Hong Kong or other Asian monastics? Do they experience
higher than normal lung problems?

Food for thought--JAS

On Dec 20, 2007 5:59 PM, Horacio Francisco Arganis Juarez
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> Dear colleagues:
>   In the National Cheung Kung University, Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (Vol 67, p 332).  It is reported  studies made by specialists in environmental contamination, inside  a temple in the city of Taiwan and those researcher compared the air with taken samples of an intersection of vehicular traffic. They found that  air inside the temple there were very high concentrations of hydrocarbons aromatic policíclicos (PAH), a great group of chemical highly carcinogenic that they are liberated when certain inciense substances are burnt. Is my question now, if there are studies of this in India? Because the Chinese incience is different from the India. Can some body give scientific information in this respect?
>   Sincerily
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