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I've also found that Nisus Pro works excellently with the Devanagari font available from Ecological Linguistics, Washington DC.  As for Word, I gave up on Microsoft some time ago: the font I use faultlessly in Nisus Pro has strange quirks in Word.  George Cardona

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>From: George Hart <glhart at BERKELEY.EDU>
>Sent: Dec 15, 2007 11:27 AM
>Subject: Re: Mac-Devanagari
>The OS X version of Nisus Writer Pro is an extremely good word  
>processor and works well with unicode (both Devanagari and Tamil are  
>built-in to Leopard and Tiger).  I think the new Word for Mac coming  
>out in January may not handle unicode properly -- we'll see.  Nisus  
>reads and writes Word files and uses rtf as its default format.   
>TextEdit (which is free and also comes with the OS) also works well  
>with unicode.  But of course TextEdit won't do footnotes and the  
>like.  George Hart
>On Dec 15, 2007, at 4:14 AM, Heike Moser wrote:
>> Dear James Hartzell,
>> The Mac Unicode-Devanagari works very well in NeoOffice:
>> - that the combiantion characters are not  
>> working
>> in Word seems to be one of many Microsoft problems ...
>> Best regards from Tübingen,
>> Heike Moser
>> Am 15.12.2007 12:57 Uhr schrieb "James Hartzell" unter
>> <hartzell at SENTECHSA.COM>:
>>> I have a similar question as Prof. Dehejia for Mac.  With the help of
>>> Iyanaga Nobumi in Japan i've managed to get his Asian Extended Fonts
>>> input method working nicely for diacritics for MS-Word for Mac (OSX
>>> 10.4), but cannot get decent Devanagari fonts to type with (those
>>> that come with Mac OSC Tiger don't really work, since one cannot type
>>> in combination characters), and i haven't found any others that work
>>> on Macs.  I'll have OSX Leopard working shortly and will report on
>>> whether that allows Devanagari input in Word.
>>> James Hartzell
>>> Durban, South Africa
>>> On 15 Dec 2007, at 7:09 AM, Nivedita Rout wrote:
>>>> Dear Prof. dehejia,
>>>> The software 'Itranslator' works very well for Sanskrit language in
>>>> devanagari and transliteration. Another programme called 'MikeTex'
>>>> which is most used by western scholars are one of the advance
>>>> programmes for convertion of Devanagari and roman transliteration.
>>>> Hope it will help.
>>>> With best regards
>>>> Nivedita,
>>>> EFEO, Pondicherry.
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>>>> From: Harsha Dehejia <harshadehejia at HOTMAIL.COM>
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>>>> Sent: Saturday, 15 December, 2007 5:27:22 AM
>>>> Subject: Sanskrit Software
>>>> Friends:
>>>> I have had an inquiry from a Vedic scholar in California and he
>>>> writes:
>>>> "I would like to create a professional software package, an 'add-
>>>> on' that operates directly within Microsoft Office. Such software
>>>> would give users a common platform for efficiently typing Sanskrit
>>>> from a Romanized (English) keyboard directly into MSWord. Users
>>>> would be able to do so in Devanagari or transliteration, or by
>>>> toggling from one to the other. My hope is to distribute such a
>>>> package free of cost over the internet and, in doing so, create a
>>>> common platform for all who create full or part-Sanskrit documents,
>>>> publish them, or simply use them. Academic or student, mystic or
>>>> pragmatist, Westerner or Indian, if someone has MSWord, they'll be
>>>> able to use what I envision. "
>>>> Does anyone know if this exists?  If not what shall I tell him. He
>>>> seems sincere.
>>>> Regards and Season's Greetings.
>>>> Harsha
>>>> Harsha V. Dehejia
>>>> Professor of Indian Studies, Carleton University
>>>> Ottawa, ON. Canada.
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