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Dear John,

My main textual source was the so-called
Kaazyapazilpa, a South Indian Saiva text (most
probably an upaagama) from ca. 11-12th century AD. For
the study I made also use of several zilpazaastras,
such as the Mayamata, the Maanasaara and many more,
the ritual texts of the Vaisnavas (the Vaikhaanasas
and the Paancaraatras) and the South Indian Saiva
The tradition of placing a consecration deposit
(garbha) in a temple under construction in the way it
is described in the Kaazyapazilpa is mentioned mainly
in South Indian architectural and ritual texts
(including the Keralan Tantrasamuccaya). The ceremony
of depositing the first bricks/stones, also described
in the Kaazyapazilpa, is also mentioned in some texts
that most probably originated in the North of India.
The South Indian Saivaagamas are still considered an
authority in the South of India (Tamil Nadu) but not
all described rituals are performed following the old

Kind regards,

Anna Slaczka.

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> Dear Anna,
> You might tell us the regional emphasis of your
> study.  There are  
> major regional differences, and where you
> geographically  locate your  
> study is of considerable importance.
> John
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