Astangahrdaya on CD (project)

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 From The Hindu Online edition, Thursday, Aug 09, 2007

Kerala, Kochi :

An ancient text in modern format

Staff Reporter

Ashtangahrudayam CDs soon

KOCHI: Thani Illam, the eco-and heritage-friendly homestay at 
Perumbavoor, has always taken the path less travelled. This time, 
those behind the venture are trying to bring out Ashtangahrudayam, in 
audio CD format.

"The attempt is to bring back the feel of oral tradition," said 
Santhosh Thannikkat of Thani Illam. Aryavaidyan A.M.G. Namboodiri is 
reciting the verse in the Yajurveda [sic - read Ayurveda] text. It 
comprises 8000 slokas in 120 chapters.

The 70-year-old has more than four decades of experience in the 
field. He is one among the few scholars who studied Sanskrit and 
Ayurveda in the Gurukula and normal academic systems, Mr. Santhosh 

Mr. Santhosh is planning to release the work, expected to be a 20-CD 
set, at the third Ashtangahrudaya Sathram, to be held at Thiruvalla 
from October 21 to 28.

"While our present generation is moving away from the rich tradition, 
Western scholars are trying to record it. Meaningful research and 
documentation is happening in Europe," said Mr. Santhosh.

"Senior Ayurveda practitioners will be consulted and corrections, if 
any, would be made before the final version is brought out," he said.
Cyber plans

In the long run, Mr. Santhosh plans to make the audio track available 
online. "After the official release, there are plans to post the MP3 
versions of the track on websites related to Ayurveda," he said.

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