Sanskrit tongue-twister

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For an interpretation of this passage
(Kiraat. 15,14), see S. Lienhard (A
History of Classical Poetry, Skt, Pali,
Pkt) Wiesbaden 1984: 158.


 "Alex Passi"
<mailto:a.passi at ALMA.UNIBO.IT> schrieb:
> Dear List-Members,
> I just received a query from a retired journalist, re. the purpoted  
> Skt. sequence
> "nanonanunnonunnono",
> which is supposed to translate as: "the lesser should not try to  
> compete with the greater".
> The best I could do with it, without diacritics, is more or less  
> nonsense: "He who is indeed wet for us is not un-wet for us" (na no  
> nanu +unno 'nunno no[=na.h). ;-)
> It's possible that the text was transmitted garbled -- perhaps the  
> adjective ^una fit in the original somewhere.
> I'm quite stumped, though the passage sounds somewhat familiar. Does  
> anyone have any ideas?
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