Brahma muhurtha synonym?

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Mon Apr 16 17:11:21 UTC 2007

Yes. There are two Muhurtas,  First Brahma Muhurta and  Second Rudra
Muhurta before sunrise.The whole period is of 96 minutes, Just before
sunrise Rudra Muhurta  for 48 minutes and before that Brahma Muhurta for
48 minutes.All meditation, religious worship and yoga practice are
recommended in Brahma Muhurta.
Rasik Vihari Joshi

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Asunto: Brahma muhurtha synonym?

Has anyone ever heard of a Hindi or Sanskrit synonym for Brahma Muhurtha
which might sound something like 'navasvam' or 'nabasvan'?

Brahma Muhurtha is the time 2 muhurthas (about 1 1/2 hours) before
sunrise which is considered especially auspicious in Hinduism.


Dean Anderson

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