Hindu critiques of astrology / jyotiSa

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA
Fri Apr 13 16:41:09 UTC 2007

Yes, Allen. At some point in the investigation of Hindu critiques of
astrology a distinction must be made between the critiques of the 'science'
and the critiques of the practitioners. However, the verse I cited becomes a
critique of the science to the extent it suggests that astrology leaves more
scope for deception than most other sciences -- that it is short on the side
of verification possibilities.

Later, a researcher must also ascertain if a particular critique is leveled
against a practitioner thought to have yogic abilities - is thought to be
saintly, a practitioner who does not expect anything in return for making
the prediction or a practioner who is using his knowledge of astrology to
predict something for himself/herself.

It should also be kept in mind in the present context that astrology has a
significant presence in Jainism and the presuppositions of that astrology
have not been, as far as I know, shown to be different from what may be
called, for the sake of convenience, Hindu astrology.

ashok aklujkar
> "Niilaka.n.tha-diik.sita, Kali-vi.dambana?
> aayu.h-pra;sne diirgham aayur vaacya.m mauhuurtikair janai.h /
> jiivanto bahu manyante. m.rtaa.h prak.syanti ka.m puna.h //"
> The latter might just be directed at astrologers who tell the clients what
> they want to hear, rather than questioning the whole 'science.'

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