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I'd like to add, that, at least, parts of the same scans 
are available from the so called "Universal Library" (the 
former "Million Books Project") via www.archive.org. 
There, the works are provided completely in a graphical 
format (as DjVu or PDF). It is possible to download them 
in toto via FTP (generally a zip archive of the originial 
TIFFs as well as DjVu, PDF). If possible they seem to add 
a plain text version produced by OCR software (I assume 
this will not work properly on non-latin based scripts).

The "Universal Library" is hosted by the Carnegie Mellon 
University. By the way, they have a companion web site of 
their own under the URL:
There you'll find some background information and a 
similar page-per-page viewing interface of the scans like 
that of the DLI in Hyderabad. The search function is 
rather bad, too, and cannot be trusted.

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