plans for an INDOLOGY FAQ

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Mon Oct 30 11:21:04 UTC 2006

Dear colleagues,

I've long thought that INDOLOGY should have a modest "FAQ".  At last, with 
Richard Mahoney's help, we're beginning to have something that we can use.

The idea is that we'll have a FAQ mounted on the INDOLOGY website, It will be cooperatively written by any of us (we?) list 
members that wish to contribute.  If you wanted to do an entry, for 
example, you would go to the website, call up the FAQ pages and online 
editor, write what you wanted and submit it.

The text will then be assessed by the members of the INDOLOGY list 
committee.  Or perhaps just the member on duty that week.  Anyhow, all 
being well, it will then be published, and will appear as a new page of 
the FAQ.

The idea is that the FAQ will present brief statements of the best 
available professional information on selected indological topics, with 
references to further reading and pointers to other resources as 
appropriate.  It will be open to the public.

It would have been nice to do this at Wikipedia, but that forum is not 
subject to professional editorial control, and entries are unstable and 
vulnerable to wholesale organised rewriting by pak.sapaatins

To start the ball rolling, I'll add a series of stubs to an "alpha 
release" version of the FAQ, just section headings to suggest how entries 
could be organised.  Please send headings that you would like to see in 
such a FAQ, marked hierarchically if you like.  For example:

Chronology / Indus Valley
            / Veda
            / Bhatttta

Sciences /

Palaeography / Brahmi
              / Siddhamat.rkaa

Or something completely different.

Best wishes,

INDOLOGY committee member

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