Dr. V. Raghavan students?

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Dear Al,

Your two fellow students under Prof. Raghavan in Madras were most
likely Katsuhiko Kamimura and Nobuyuki Watase. Kamimura-sensei was a
close friend of mine.  He taught at the Eastern Institute (founded by
Hajime Nakamura) and Tokyo University and was a prolific translator of
classical Sanskrit literature into Japanese. He told me that he had
studies under Raghavan. Regrettably he died of cancer about three years
ago.  More details can be given, if required.

I don't know Watase-sensei personally. However, the directory of the
Japanese Association of Indian and Buddhist Studies mentions him as
professor at Tokai University. If required, I can provide you with his


 Michael Hahn

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:40:40 -0800
Alfred Collins <acollins at GCI.NET> wrote:

> It occurred to me that this list might be a way to get in touch with two fellow students of Dr. Raghavan in Madras in 1972-73 when I was there on a Fullbright.  Mainly I was studying Vedanta with T.M.P. Mahadevan, and at that point Dr. Raghavan had "retired."  Two students from Japan, both primarily Buddhist scholars, were doing Vedanta also, but at the same time the three of us were meeting three mornings a week privately on Dr. Raghavan's front porch to do dharmasastra.  The Japanese students were named Watase and Kamimura.  
> Information on them would be appreciated.
> Al Collins

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