roots for binding and release in the RV

Alfred Collins acollins at GCI.NET
Mon Oct 16 05:55:08 UTC 2006

Many years ago I began a project that I never completed on these concepts as they applied to 1) creation/emission of the world, 2) poetic speech, 3) the opening of the atmosphere (antariksa), day, and year in sacrifice, 4) Indra's opening of Vala, the cow-stalls, etc. 5) Vrtra's binding, and so on.  
The idea, which generated many sheets of examples, was to cover the most important roots that named these ideas (vr, ubj, si/sa, bandh, srj, srath, muc, dar, etc.), including verbal and nominal forms. The aim is mainly to get a sense of the semantics of the ideas but also how they are expressed grammatically and syntactically. I'm thinking of finishing the project, but am out of date in my knowledge of the literature since around the mid 80's.  Gonda and Mayrhofer and their generation (and before) I know pretty well.  After that it is spotty.  Appreciate references and ideas, including post RV usage (mainly late vedic and epic). Or maybe somebody already did it?
Al Collins

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