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Sorry to have reduplicated Madhav's earlier citation of the same

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> Dear Harsha,
>      'pazya' and 'dRz' have a suppletive relationship in Sanskrit
> like'go' and 'went' in English.  Both 'pazya' and 'dRz' taken
> separately have incomplete paradigms, but in the actual usage of
> the language, these two roots complement each other.  So the
> passive form corresponding to pazyati is dRzyate, and so on.  The
> Rgvedic passage uta tvaH pazyan na dadarza vAcam uta tvaH zRNvan
> na zRNoty enAm exhibits this suppletive behavior.
> Madhav M. Deshpande
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> Friends:
> An important concept that is overlooked by epistemologists is
> that of
> DRISHTI or visual knowledge.
> While PASHYATI is a verb there is no verb like DRASHYATI. This is
>  the
> beginning of an inquiry into visual knowledge.
> I am trying to develop this concept further.
> Regareds.
> Harsha
> Harsha V. Dehejia
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