Indian epistemic terms

Shyam Ranganathan srangan at YORKU.CA
Wed Oct 11 20:30:01 UTC 2006

Dear Indologists

I'm interested in a survey of technical and nontechnical epistemic terms
employed in Indian philosophical literature. My rather informal impression is
that the Indian tradition has made an art of discussing epistemology that makes
the standard analytic "S knows that P" talk look rather dry. Specifically I am
interested in:

(a) whether there is any secondary material that has surveyed this issue and
produced some type of list of terms employed in such discussions, and

(b) whether there are standard cross-theoretic terms (perhaps "pramana" and
"jnana") that are used in most all traditions in epistemic discussions, or
whether the majority of the discourse is really technical and only accessible
to those who are experts in the relevant darsana.

Thanks in advance

Shyam Ranganathan

PhD Candidate
Department of Philosophy
York University (Toronto)

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