Is there an online YogaVasishta?/Verse in Vasistha's text

Walter Slaje slaje at T-ONLINE.DE
Tue Oct 10 07:25:00 UTC 2006

Dear Jenni Cover,

this is YV VI(a) 83, 13 / Laghu-YV VI 9, 35.

Instead of "kevalam", as your your quotation has it, LYV reads: "kevalaa", YV:

There are (paada)-indexes and concordances for both the YV and the LYV,
meritoriously prepared by Peter Thomi:

- B.rhad-Yogavaasi.s.tha. Paada-Index. Wichtrach 1990. 
- Laghu-Yogavaasi.s.tha: Paada-Index. Wichtrach. 1991.
- Yogavaasi.s.tha Konkordanz. B.rhadyogavaasi.s.tha -- Laghuyogavaasi.s.tha.
Wichtrach 1985.


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