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Martin Straube: Prinz Sudhana und die Kinnarii. Eine buddhistische
Liebesgeschichte von K.semendra. Texte, Übersetzung, Studie. Marburg: Indica
et Tibetica Verlag 2006. (Indica et Tibetica 46). xiv, 269 pp. ISBN

The book provides a critical edition of both the Sanskrit text and the Tibetan
translation of K.semendra's Sudhanakinnaryavaadana (chapter 64 of his
Bodhisattvaavadaanakalpalataa) together with a German translation, further a
study of the different versions of that story, and a thorough analysis of the
textual transmission of K.semendra's text. For a detailed summary of the book
and the table of contents cf. the author's homepage:


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