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Wed Nov 29 20:02:37 UTC 2006

Thank you very much to Peter Wyzlic, Philipp Maas, Kengo Harimoto, Dominik
Wujastyk, Whitney Cox, Joanna Kirkpatrick and Maheswaran Nair for their
kind help and interesting comments on the Allopani.sad. Dominik and
Maheswaran (who has experienced it) are right to point out the fact that
the text itself is quite short and its content probably not enough
substantial to serve as a basis for a M.A. dissertation. Nevertheless,
following Withney Cox, it still can be usefully illustrative within what
could be rather planned as a study of several representative items of
Islamic literature in Sanskrit (unfortunately, the student, who knows
pretty well Classical Arabic, did not learn Persian, which is  requested
for studying the translation processes at the Court of Akbar).

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