Masculinity in Ancient India

Patrick Olivelle jpo at UTS.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Nov 27 13:57:55 UTC 2006

Jarrod Whitaker's dissertation was on this topic, but looking at the 
early period coverd by the Rig Veda; but much of what he says may be 
applicable to later period.


>Could anyone recommend Indic sources on masculinity, from around 5 
>BCE to 10 CE? I'm particularly interested in notions of the ideal 
>male body and what makes one a real man. Are there sources that 
>compare the masculinity of brahmans and k.satriyas? And are there 
>non-Buddhist sources that discuss the 32 major marks of a 
>, or is this unique to Buddhism? Any feedback would be 
>greatly appreciated.
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