Bhargavas and Angirasas

Simon Brodbeck sb4 at SOAS.AC.UK
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Some sources on Bhargavas and/or Angirases in Mahabharata composition:

Goldman, Robert P. (1977) Gods, priests and warriors: the Bhrigus of the 
Mahabharata. New York: Columbia University Press.

Minkowski, C. (1991) 'Snakes, sattras and the Mahabharata', in Arvind Sharma 
(ed.) Essays on the Mahabharata, (pp. 384-400), Leiden: Brill.

Shende, N. J. (1943) 'The authorship of the Mahabharata', Annals of the 
Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institiute 24, pp. 67-82.

Sukthankar, Vishnu S. (1936) 'Epic studies, 6: the Bhrigus and the Bharata - 
a text-historical study', Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research 
Institute 18, pp. 1-76.

Simon Brodbeck

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>I have been asked by a student for worthwhile bibliography on the 
>Bhargavas and/or Angirasas.  Can anyone help?
> Richard Gombrich

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