Hatha Yoga Pradipika Commentaries

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Wed Nov 22 05:16:07 UTC 2006

I think it rather unlikely that the Umaapati who wrote the  
Ha.thapradiipikaa.tippa.na (NCC, vol. II, p.391, column 2) was the  
14th-century "saiva author of the same name.
It seems to me, by the way, that one can one distinguish at least 3  
"saiva authors whose works have been ascribed to the same 14th- 
century figure (introduction to my edition of the Paraakhyatantra,  
Umaapati is simply rather a common name: the NCC distinguishes more  
than 30 of them.

Yours, with best wishes,
Dominic Goodall

Dr. Dominic Goodall
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On 22 Nov 2006, at 09:03, joel bordeaux wrote:

> Hello.  I'm wondering if any of the Sanskrit Hatha Yoga Pradipika  
> commentaries other than Brahmananda's have been edited and, if so,  
> where one might find them.
> Rumor has it that Umapati, who I'm assuming is the 14th cent author  
> of Shivaprakasham, wrote one, as did Ramananda/Advaita Tirtha, who  
> seems to have lived in Andhra mid 18th cent.
> Other names I've seen are Mahadeva and Vrajabhusana (Mishra?),  
> about whom I am unable even to speculate.
> Thanks,
> Joel Bordeaux
> Religion
> Columbia University

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