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girish jha jhakgirish at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 22 12:35:29 UTC 2006

Dear Mr Griffiths,

> From my childhood I have heard the traditional sloka
as follows: 
Kakacesta vakadhyanam suno nidra tathaiva ca 
Alpaharo grhatyago vidyarthi  pancalaksanah. 
I am not aware of Diacritical signs on computer;kindly
excuse me.
Girish K. Jha Dept of Sanskrit  Patna Univ. India

--- Arlo Griffiths <arlo.griffiths at LET.LEIDENUNIV.NL>

> Dear Indologists,
> My 'grandfather' in Orissa once quoted to me a small
> verse of which I  
> remember only one half of an uneven paada plus the
> final paada:
> ... bakadhyaayii ... vidyaarthipa;
> Reading Manu 7.106 reminds me of it. I tried
> googling to fill in the  
> blanks, but to no avail. Can anyone help me restore
> my poor memory?
> Best wishes,
> Arlo Griffiths
> Instituut Kern, Universiteit Leiden
> Postbus 9515
> 2300 RA Leiden, the Netherlands
> phone: +31-(0)71-5272622
> fax: +31-(0)71-5272956
> email: <arlo.griffiths at>
> <>

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