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Kengo Harimoto kengo.harimoto at UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Tue Nov 21 12:28:07 UTC 2006

Dear members of the list,

We have mentioned this in our Newsletter, no. 2, but for wider  
testing, we would like to announce the availability of the (Beta  
version of the) online database of the NGMCP.

The NGMCP would like to invite members of the list to test the online  
version of the title list:

The goal of this online application is to make accurate information  
about the manuscripts microfilmed by the NGMPP available to scholars  
and students worldwide.  Currently the data that can be accessed is  
based on that found on the CD-ROM, _Preliminary List of Manuscripts,  
Blockprints and Historical Documents Microfilmed by the NGMPP, Part 1  
(excluding Tibetan Material and Historical Documents)_, with  
corrections made by the NGMCP (the process of correction is ongoing,  
and is in its early stages at present). Our plans in the near future  
include integration of  the data of the Tibetan material, and  
integration of more detailed information from the current cataloging  

Some notes about the application:

- The web application is under development, and may not always work  
as intended.  We expect that Internet Explorer, versions 6 and below,  
will not work as well as other modern browsers. For the present, we  
recommend users to test the application using Firefox (on all major  
platforms) or Safari (on Mac OS X).

- We cannot guarantee 24/7 availability of the application at this  
moment.  Please expect some occasional downtime or strange behaviour  
during the daytime on weekdays in western Europe (GMT +1), as we may  
modify, test or restart the application.

- We ask users to register to use the application.  We only ask for a  
user name and password.  This is because we are planning to introduce  
functionalities that depend on users' needs or privileges (such as  
being able to correct the data in the database).  We have no  
intention of obtaining personal information about users.  Anyone with  
concerns about privacy can choose a completely random user name;  
i.e., the user name does not have to be a real name or to bear any  
relationship to an email address one uses.

- The use of the database should be straightforward after logging  
in.  Some help texts are available in the form of links.

- If the application seems not to be working, please make sure that  
cookies and Javascript/ECMAScript are enabled in your browser.

- Contact kengo.harimoto at with questions and feedback  
with regard to the application.

Kengo Harimoto
kengo.harimoto at
Nepalese-German Manuscript Cataloguing Project
Abteilung fuer Kultur und Geschichte Indiens und Tibets
Universitaet Hamburg - Asien-Afrika-Institut
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1 HG
20146 Hamburg
phone: +49-40-42838-6269

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