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Dear Stephen Hodge,
It is obvious that it does not come from the early vaayuprokta B.dP (viz. =
Since on my side I try to list all the quotations from the B.dP,  I find
yours among Madhva's possible "false" quotations (cf. the work by
Mesquita), viz. at BhaagTN (p. 19, 12-14):

mohanaartha.m daanavaanaa.m baalaruupii pathi sthita.h |
putra.m ta.m kalpayaam aasa muu.dhabuddhir jana.h svayam ||
tata.h sa.mmohayaam aasa jinaadyaan asuraa.m/sakaan |
bhagavaan vaagbhir ugraabhir ahi.msaavaacibhir hari.h ||

I would be interested to know where you found it.
Christophe Vielle

>Dear colleagues,
>Can anybody supply me with a correct transliteration of these verses which
>are supposed to come from the Brahmaa.n.da Pura.na ?  I also think there are
>some spelling mistakes here anyway.  The e-version available on-line is
>incomplete, but these lines do not seem to occur in the portion which can be
>searched.  A suggested translation might also be helpful :)
>mohanartham danavanam balarupi pathisthitah |
>putram tam kalpayamasa mudhabudhir jinah svayam ||
>tatah sammohayamasa jinadyana suramsakan |
>bhagavan vagbhir ugrabhir ahimsa vacibhir harih ||
>Many thanks,
>Stephen Hodge

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