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shri-McComas-mahodayaah, adho-nirdiSTau nibandhau roceyaataam:
Of Sudras, Sutas, and Slokas: Why is the Mahabharata Preeminently in the Anustubh Metre? 

Journal                        Indo-Iranian Journal <> 

Publisher                    Springer Netherlands

Issue                           Volume 43, Number 3 / September, 2000 <> 

Pages                         225-278


The Vahivanca Barots of Gujarat: A Caste of Genealogists and Mythographers 

A. M. Shah; R. G. Shroff 

The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 71, No. 281, Traditional India: Structure and Change. (Jul. - Sep., 1958), pp. 246-276. 


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Subject: sUta

priyiANi mitrANI
api kazcit sUta iti padasya visaye zodhkaryaM kRtavAn

I wonder if any of you good folk can help me find some information on
the word 'sUta', sometimes translated as 'bard'? I don't have access to
Rocher's book on the Puranas at the moment. There does not seem to be
anything on JSTOR or BAS.

With thanks in advance.


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