Jain icon representing the released spirit

Elizabeth De Michelis e.demichelis at DIVINITY.CAM.AC.UK
Wed Mar 29 14:23:19 UTC 2006

Dear Julia

many thanks about this - sorry to hear about your knee. I wish you all the 
best with it.

I was hoping to see you in London, but I got quite a virulent flu the day 
before the conference and I was wiped out in bed for a couple of days so I 
could  not make it. I would have enjoyed learning more about Jainism as I 
do not know a lot about it. I trust the conference was good and that you 
were happy with the proceedings there. It's nice to see your name popping 
up here and there all the time...

Re this particular siddha image: I always liked it immensely and I now have 
it on the homepage of my new website
(The site should be uploaded before the end of the week)

So I wanted the info for two reasons: my own interest and to add some notes 
/ references about it in the 'site info' page of the website.

I will be delighted to receive any information or comment you have about 
such images when you get the time - no special hurry.

With all best wishes, Julia, hope to see you soon
Best regards

--On Wednesday, March 29, 2006 15:47 +0200 Julia Hegewald 
<Julia.Hegewald at URZ.UNI-HEIDELBERG.DE> wrote:

Dear Elizabeth,

I have been moving about a lot between India, UK and Canada and have not
been able to reply. I'm just going to have my knee operated and will be in
hospital for a while but once I'm out I will try to send you some material
on Siddha representations.

I hope it can wait that long.

All best wishes,


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