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Madhav has answered your first question already. The poem is generally
referred to with "saagaraa ta.lama.lalaa." That is also likely to be
its title at the time of its first publication.

The Skt tr is most likely to have been done by Dr. G. B. Palsule/Pa.lasule,
in whose recent death Pune has lost one of its great Sanskritists. You may
find the tr in Palsule's book Agnija, which consists of tr of Savarkar
poems. The original publication of the tr could have taken place in an issue
of the (defunct) Skt periodical Bhaaratavaa.nii. Another less likely
possibility is the Skt periodical ;Saaradaa, which, fortunately, is still
being published, albeit irregularly.

The original was written in 1906 as I recall, but anytime between 1906 and
1910 is possible. 

A commercial recording of the original as a chorus song was done by Lata
Mangeshkar and her siblings in the late 1960s. It is a little too ornamental
for the heart-touching simplicity of the poem in my view. A rendition by the
great Marathi music director, the late Sudhir Phadke, is more in keeping
with the poem's feeling and is, as far as I know, found only in private
collections. The movie on Savarkar's life produced by Sudhir Phadke in the
late 1990s and released in 2001/2002 contains another (I believe, partial)
musical rendering. 

ashok aklujkar

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