Vedic Accents and Unicode

Ferenc Ruzsa ferenc.ruzsa at ELTE.HU
Thu Mar 23 18:05:30 UTC 2006

I was referring to the r/l underring characters, not to vedic accents in 
Devanagari. Sorry for having been unclear.
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Tárgy: Re: Vedic Accents and Unicode

> At 5:55 PM +0100 3/23/06, Ferenc Ruzsa wrote:
>>Yes, combining diacritics are a possible solution, but it is much nicer 
>>and more stable (and easier to convert) when we have a single character 
>>representing one phoneme (letter).
> This may be true, but such an approach would not conform to the principles 
> of Unicode, since the standard aims at encoding characters (abstract 
> linguistic components) and not glyphs (surface / appearance forms).  See:
> FYI, early versions of the standard did encode some composite forms, but 
> these have since been deprecated.
> Paul Hackett
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