Vedic Accents and Unicode

Paul G. Hackett ph2046 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Wed Mar 22 19:28:10 UTC 2006


At 7:23 AM -0800 3/22/06, Dean Anderson wrote:
>I and a few others on this list have been agitating to get Vedic 
>Accents added to the Unicode standard.

I know that at one time there was an Indic list-serve for Unicode 
concerns ( but it's current 
status is unclear.

On a related note, however, I have been encoding some Sanskrit text 
in unicode and have been unable to locate the equivalent of a 
headline ellipsis in the Devanagari range (0900-097F) or under 
"General Punctuation" (2000-206F).  Can someone tell me if this has 
been encoded in a non-obvious manner or as a variant form of another 
glyph?  Otherwise, this would appear to be another candidate for 
addition to the standard.

Paul Hackett
Dept. of Religion
Columbia University

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