vidyAvRddha etc

Whitney Cox wmcox at UCHICAGO.EDU
Fri Mar 3 16:07:02 UTC 2006

Dear Doctor Nair,

I recently saw two of these terms occurring together in the 
Udyogaparvan: 5.139 vs. 53 of the Poona critical edition (in 
the context of's response to's appeal to him 
to witch sides on the eve of the war):

vidyaav.rddhaa vayov.rddhaa.h k.satriyaa.h k.satriyar.sabha |
v.rthaam.rtyu.m na tvatk.rte madhusuudana ||

A quick search through some electronic texts I have also 
turned up the following, from Maitreyyupani.sad 2.24:

dhanav.rddhaa vayov.rddhaa vidyaav.rddhaas tathaiva ca |
te sarve j~naanav.rddhasya ki.mkaraa.h "si.syaki.mkaraa.h ||

I hope this helps.

Whitney Cox
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>Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2006 19:34:02 +0500
>From: Maheswaran Nair <swantam at ASIANETINDIA.COM>  
>Subject: vidyAvRddha etc  
>Can anyone please tell me in which Sanskrit text the 
mention about 
>vidyAvRddha(jNAnavRddha), vayovRddha and dhanavRddha occurs?
>Thanks in advance.
>K.Maheswaran Nair
>Dept. of Sanskrit
>University of Kerala

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