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Stuart Ray Sarbacker s-sarbacker at NORTHWESTERN.EDU
Wed Mar 1 03:34:58 UTC 2006


Following the deadline extension, we too would like to strongly 
encourage people to consider submitting a proposal. We will look at 
this year's response as an indication of what areas are drawing 
particular interest in the academic community with respect to the 
topic, so we hope there will be an enthusiastic response.

Best Wishes,
Stuart Sarbacker
Northwestern University


Yoga in Theory and Practice Consultation
Stuart Ray Sarbacker, Northwestern University, Department of 
Religion, 4-140 Crowe Hall, 1860 Campus DR, Evanston, IL 60208, USA; 
W: 847-491-2615; s-sarbacker at Christopher Key 
Chapple, Loyola Marymount University, Department of Theological 
Studies, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA; W: 310-338- 2846; 
cchapple at

This new consultation seeks to elucidate historical and philosophical 
issues related to the theory and practice of yoga in its historical 
contexts and contemporary manifestations. We are interested in 
proposals that address thematic issues in the study of yoga and those 
that address issues of sectarian and religious identity associated 
with yoga. For 2006, we especially welcome proposals relating to the 
following topics: 1) Buddhist and Jaina yoga; 2) The "dark side" of 
the guru; 3) Meditation and ethics in yoga; 4) Late medieval to early 
modern yoga; and 5) Yoga and Tantra. We particularly welcome 
proposals that address issues such as the relationship between theory 
and practice in sectarian traditions and the pervasiveness of 
spiritual and religious ideologies in manifest or latent form within 
contemporary yoga.

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