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An all-time favorite in grammars and excercise books!
It was mentioned in Boehtlingk's Indische Spruche, vol. III No, 5848,  
p. 246-47, variants: Nos. 5747,  7345. Sources given: Caa.nakya, from  
Haeberlin's Kaavya-Sa'ngraha, A Sanskrit Anthology, Calcutta, 1847,  
Weber, V.rddha-Caa.nakya, 3.18. This text (Caa.nakya-niiti-darpa.na)  
is now freely available on-line, see http://www.granthamandira.org/ 

Alex Passi.

On 28/06/2006, at 2:39 PM, Allen W Thrasher wrote:

I don't know right off, but the rest of the sloka is:

PaJcavarSANi lAlayet, daZavarSANi TADayet


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>>> swantam at ASIANETINDIA.COM 06/28/06 8:10 AM >>>

"praapte tu SoDaSe varSe putram mitravadaacaret"

Please tell me, in which text does this exist?

Thanks in advance

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