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Arlo Griffiths arlo.griffiths at LET.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Thu Jun 8 08:34:02 UTC 2006

The following was just forwarded to me. I have not yet had the time  
to look at this 'little lamp'.

Arlo Griffiths

Begin forwarded message:

> SanskritaPradipika - a Sanskrit e-Tutor
> Sudhir Kaicker, New Delhi, India
> Self-description: "SanskritaPradipika [a little lamp for Sanskrit], a
> freely downloadable e-tutor for the Sanskrit language, is intended to
> help English-speaking people learn Sanskrit, as well as the
> Devanagari script in which the language is written today. The medium
> of discourse is English, but I will be gratified if the English text
> is translated to other European and Asian languages, so that the
> material becomes available to as large a number of aspirants as
> possible.
> The tutor has been written in the Java programming language. In
> principle, this is supposed to ensure that the package will run
> without problems on any sort of computer that can be connected to the
> Internet. The fact is, though, that SanskritaPradipika has been
> created on ancient IBM-compatibles powered by Intel Pentium II chips,
> running WindowsXP. Much testing therefore needs to be done before the
> software can certifiably be said to be platform independent, and to
> run without error on other types of computer, such as an Apple, or a
> Sun Workstation. In this area too collaboration would be most welcome.
> Seven chapters and a section on diacritics are being offered at this
> time. Other chapters will shortly be made available. If you have an
> IBM or compatible PC running some version of Windows, click the
> Download button to install both the JRE as well as
> SanskritaPradipika. [...] However since the size of the software is
> large (24 MB), and downloads may sometimes [be lengthy....] we do
> offer to mail, at the cost of the recipient, a CD for use on
> Intel/Windows platforms to most destinations worldwide. For more
> information, or to send your comments, please write to:
> Chapters of the e-tutor: * Introduction; * Vovels; *Consonants; *
> Conjuncts; * Word Building; * Sandhi; * The Sanscrit Verbs; *
> Declensions; * Special Cases; * Simple Sentences; * Credits;
> Internet Archive

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