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John Brockington J.L.Brockington at ED.AC.UK
Wed Jan 25 12:10:37 UTC 2006

Dear Colleagues,

Some of you may come across the recently published volume, 
Rasika-Bharati (Prof. R. C. Parikh Commemoration Volume) ed. Bharati 
Shelat (Sanskrit Sahitya Academy, Gandhinagar, 2005). If so, you will 
find a statement in the editorial which indicates that J.L. Brockington 
(Adinburg) [sic] responded to an invitation to submit an article and you 
will indeed find one by me in the volume. However, the first that I knew 
about this was an e-mail (on another matter -- registration for the 13th 
World Sanskrit Conference) from Bharati Shelat which I received on 5th 
of this month (i.e. AFTER the book's publication) and which stated: "I 
have recently published your article ‘The name Ram Chandra’ in the book 
entitled ‘Rasik-Bharati-‘ –Prof. R.C. Parikh Commemoration volume edited 
by me and published by Sanskrit Sahitya Academy, Gujarat Govt. India." 
The article involved was originally published as "The name Ramacandra" 
in _Lex et Litterae: Studies in honour of Professor Oscar Botto_, ed. 
Siegfried Lienhard and Irma Piovano, Edizioni dell' Orso, Alessandria, 
1997, pp. 83-93 [please supply the correct diacritics]. This 
unauthorised reprint (of which I received a copy in the post today) 
contains a number of misprints, which of course I have had no 
opportunity of correcting.


John Brockington

Professor J. L. Brockington
Secretary General, International Association of Sanskrit Studies
Asian Studies
7-8 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh EH8 9LW

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