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Would the Hindutva groups involved in the
California textbook 
controversy set up phony Dalit websites?

They would and they just have, and it is one of
the biggest Hindutva 
scams ever. The anti-Witzel and anti-Harvard hate
campaign is just the 
tip of the iceberg: Now the Dalits are a prime

-- First the California campaign run by the Vedic
Foundation (VF) and 
Hindu Education Foundation (HEF), aided by the
Hindu American 
Foundation (HAF), tried to strip references to
Dalits out of California 
textbooks; indeed, the retired Hindutva academic
recommended by the 
Department of Education to vet their own proposed
edits, claimed in 
recent edit notes ascribed to him by the Hindutva
press that "Dalit is 
a Marxist term"...; 

See here edit #86 at <http://tinyurl.com/86bsm>

-- When the Dalits complained to the California
Board of Education, the 
Dalits were accused by well-known Hindutvavadis
Kalavai Venkat and 
Koenraad Elst and others on the main Hindutva List
as being pawns of Christian missionaries. (Point
of fact, not that it 
should matter: not one of the Dalits who spoke
before the Board of 
Education on January 12th was a Christian.) 

-- And now, sinking to new depths, Hindutva
activists are pretending to 
be Dalits.

The phony Dalit website set up in the middle of
the California campaign 
is run by a Hindutva activist in Texas who runs a
long list of other 
Hindutva sites, some quite notorious (discussed
with links below).

Those sites include Hindutva-run anti-Christian
and anti-missionary 
sites; anti-Muslim sites; *fake* Christian sites
aimed at Muslims; and 
at least three phony Human Rights sites.

The phony Human Rights websites are especially
interesting, since they 
feature people or groups diirectly involved in the
California textbook 
campaign, including Yvette Rosser, who works with
the Vedic Foundation, 
and the Hindu American Foundation. (All this is in
Internet cache, so 
if they change this stuff will just post the cache

But let's start with the story of the phony Dalit
site -- of "Hindutva 
Wolves in Dalit Clothing", or to use the alternate
title proposed by a 
clever Indian friend, "Little Saffron Riding


The story began late afternoon yesterday, when I
received the following 
email. The email came after all the publicity
surrounding the global 
distribution by Google of the Dalit video over the
last few days:


The email made it clear that it was sent in
response to events in 

> From: Dalit Human Rights <dalit.human.rights at gmail.com>
> Date: Fri Jan 20, 2006  4:33:13  PM US/Pacific
> To: saf at safarmer.com
> Subject: Dalit Human Rights
> Dear Dr. Farmer,
> We are very impressed by your efforts to accurately portray the plight 
> of the Dalits in the California syllabus.  We would very much 
> appreciate if you could promote our website on your site and 
> discussion lists.  Please let us know if there are any additional ways 
> in which we can work together.
> Regards,
> The team at Dalit Human Rights (DHR)
> www.dalithumanrights.com

At first I fell for it. I wrote back saying that
I'd be happy to help.

But then an Indian-American friend noticed
something odd about the 
website. At first sight it looks like a
sophisticated news portal that 
focuses on Dalit interests.

The oddity is that mixed in with the usual stories
found on such sites 
("Dalit woman raped", etc.), you'll also find in
their carefully 
manufactured "Archives" (started just three weeks
ago) stories of an 
obvious Hindutva cast (no pun intended), taken
from Hindutva newspapers 
that no Dalit would ever cite favorably.

The Archives contain stories from _The Pioneer_,
the same rightwing 
paper that ran the hate article against Michael
Witzel on Christmas 
day). Other stories are taken from the RSS-run
_Organizer_ or other 
rightwing sources.

Moreover, the Archives only go back three weeks.
The site itself was 
registered on December 19th, exactly one day after
we published a long 
post that underlined the Hindutva orgins of the
Hindu American 
Foundation (HAF) -- which likes to call itself a
"Human Rights 

The very next day, the HAF put out a press-release
shedding tears for 
four Dalit women who were denied entry to a temple
in Orissa -- the 
first such tears they had ever shed of this sort
-- and the same day 
the dalithumanrights.com domain name was

No data are found on the Website that identifies
the "team at Dalit 
Human Rights (DHR)". (But see below!)

But do check out the stories in their "Archives",
e.g., the story on 
how Dalits and upper caste Hindus joined together
to kill Muslims in 

Or the provocative story entitled "Hours of
Anti-India, Anti-Hindutva 
Rhetoric at 'Indian' Muslim Meet":


Also check out the story attacking the "Aryan
Invasion" theory and 
extolling the beauties of the ancient caste
system, which "was based on 
the unfoldment of the consciousness within each
individual through the 



Not believing that this was a "Dalits for
Hindutva" site -- that would 
be an historical first -- we became curious about
who owned the domain 
name "dalithumanrights.com".

That's easy enough to check: Go to the Whois data
base at Network 
solutions at


and type in "dalithumanrights.com" in the search
field. You'll be taken 
to a page where you'll find that the owner
carefully registered the 
name by "proxy" in order to hide his identity. But
you *will* find the 
IP address of the site listed -- --
at the bottom of the 

When you investigate IP further,
using the Whois data 
base, you'll discover that the same IP address
hosts at least 22 
extremist Hindutva webpages owned by Hinduworld,
Inc., in Houston, 
Texas -- run by a well-known Hindutva activist
named Rajiv Varma.

I say "at least", since many more websites
registered by "proxy" may 
also use that address.

Here's a List of these 22 other Hindutva sites,
some of which are quite 


To see the owner's name and address, click on the
links. You'll find 
that the owner of all of them (and hence of the
fake Dalit webpage) is:

Rajiv Varma
Hinduworld, Inc.
10592-A Fuqua St. #174
Houston, Texas 77089

(If you call the Hinduworld, Inc., telephone
number listed here, all 
you'll get is a robot voice asking you to leave a

Hinduworld, Inc., also runs other Hindutva sites,
but let's just focus 
on the ones I've mentioned above, put in some kind
of order:

1. Our fake Dalit Human Rights site, which as
noted above was 
registered right after we began publicly
complaining about the removal 
of references to Dalits in California textbooks.
You have to study this 
website a bit before you notice its Hindutva
origins, which is revealed 
in the mix of Hindutva stories mixed in with
legitimate Dalit stories; 
we have to assume that the mix would get more
obvious as time went on 
--  if we did indeed publicize the site:


Besides the other stories in their carefully
pruned "Archive", noted 
earlier, check out this one on why Anti-Conversion
Laws are needed; it 
is taken from the far-right RSS newspaper, _The


2. The Hindutva.org site, which is among the
craziest Hindutva sites on 
the Web. This one takes the extreme Hindutva line
currently favored by 
Koenraad Elst: that the BJP isn't Hindutva


The craziest of the crazy material is in the
"frame" story on the left, 
which is worth reading in full. It is signed at
the end:

> - Hindutva Team
> on behalf of hindutva.com

which is interesting to compare with the similar
final line of the 
phony Dalit email I got yesterday:

> The team at Dalit Human Rights (DHR)
> www.dalithumanrights.com

Same author? Who at hindutva.com may be the main
Hindutva Wolf in Dalit 

We're not sure, but one of the main Webmasters of
hindutva.com is 
Sudheer Birodkar, who you can easily look up on
the Web. Besides his 
work here, Birodkar also runs forums on the
Hindunet.com Website with 
fellow Hindutvavadis deeply involved in the
California campaign and the 
closely related anti-Witzel issue -- including
Vishal Agarwal, NS 
Rajaram, and David Frawley.

I particularly love Sudheer Birodkar's nutty
"Hindutva pledge" posted 
at Hindutva.com -- tolerant and anti-casteist and
atheistic at points 
and viciously anti-Muslim and anti-Christian at
others: your average 
Hindutva intellectual at work:


3. Two identical anti-Christian sites, which pay
special attention to 
anti-conversion issues in India, well worth


3. Further anti-Christian and anti-conversion
sites, all three 
identical but with different URLs; a lot of work
and money went into 
creating these:


4. Phony human rights sites; note Yvette Rosser's
name prominently 
displayed on the home page of these sites. (Rosser
is deeply involved 
with the Vedic Foundation, one of the two groups
to offer Hindutva 
edits in California.)

Click on the button that carries her name on any
of the pages and 
you'll be taken directly to Rosser's biography,
given quite extensively:


If you click on the "links" page, you'll find
Hindutva misinformation 
at its finest.

Here you'll find links to legitimate Human Rights
groups, like Amnesty 
International, mixed in with phony Human Rights
groups like 
hinduhumanrights.org, which glorifies the
destruction of Ayodhya -- the 
great mythical moment in recent Hindutva history
during which Hindu 
mobs destroyed Babri Mosque in December, 1992:

http://www.hinduhumanrights.org/  (watch out for
popup ads when you 
play with the links!)

We also find on the page direct links to the Hindu
American Foundation 
(HAF), which as we found out in the California
case claims to speak for 
2 million Hindu-Americans -- which according to
the US State Department 
is over 500,000 more Hindu Americans than exist.
(And certainly all 
those who exist aren't Hindutvavadis!)

The President of HAF, as noted previously on the
List, is Mihir 
Meghani, who is also deeply involved in the
California campaign. 
Meghani is the author of the famous manifesto at
the BJP website in 


5. Straight anti-Muslim hate sites:


6. Anti-Muslim site with a heavy focus on Kashmir,
etc. To see all 
this, you have to explore the links. You'll also
find links here to 
Koenraad Elst's site, to Hindu Unity (another
famous Hindutva website: 
go to http://hinduunity.org/aboutus.html ), and


7. Still another anti-Islam site. This one is of
special interest since 
it pretends to be written by Christian activists:
the Hindutvavadis not 
only are fake Dalits, when the need arises, but
like to pretend to be 
Christian's as well. The site at times is quite


To see the faux Christianity, click on "About Us",
which talks about 
their supposed "Ministry", which doesn't exist:


There is a lot more of interest here to explore on
this site: take some 
time with the links.

8. Another anti-Islam site apparently aimed this
time at Americans. 
Click on the flag icons and you'll find links to
rightwing sites around 
the world. Do click on the flags, which take you
to odd and scary 
places -- but also watch out again for the popup


9. News site (minimally working) meant to follow
anti-Hindu news 
stories; this one is apparently a project
underway, or one that never 
fully made it:


10. Under construction or not working, but
presumably stay tuned:


11. I should mention that Hinduworld, Inc., runs
other Hindutva sites 
as well, some with overlapping content. I didn't
search for their IP 
addresses. Some of these other sites include:


But the worst of the worst is the phony Dalit

Presumably, our Dalit friends will have something
to say publicly -- 
and loudly -- all over the Web about this newest
Hindutva deception. 
Will the Indian press pick it up?

And how long before this site, and much that I
talk about above, goes 
down the ever deepening Hindutva 'memory hole'?
(Well, we have it all 
downloaded, so no problem!)

Steve Farmer
saf at safarmer.com


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