bIbhatsa rasa

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B. Kölver has some very interesting remarks on this in:

Zur Fruehgeschichte der Rasa-Lehre, Berliner Indologische Studien,  
Vol. 6 (1991).

See especially §4 pp. 26--29, where he evaluates N"S 6.39 biibhatsaac  
ca bhayaanaka.h and finds the common translation of biibhatsa-  
(desid. of baadh) as 'repugnant, repellent' etc. too narrow and often  

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> Dear Colleagues,
> I am wondering if anyone might be able to provide references on  
> scholarly studies of the bIbhatsa rasa in Skt drama and poetics. I  
> am particularly interested in discussions of genre--why (and when  
> and by whom) this and certain other rasas were sometimes considered  
> inappropriate to be represented on stage.
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