Punjabi or Hindustani slurs on British?

Stella Sandahl stella.sandahl at UTORONTO.CA
Fri Jan 13 00:48:19 UTC 2006

Dear Allen,
Your knowledge of Hindi "gros mots" is touchingly innocent! Of course the
British and other enemies would have been called saalaa/saalee (latter
correct vocative, lit. 'brother-in-law'), haraamzaade kahiiM kaa (bastard
from God knows where), bahinchod or maaMchod (sister resp. mother-fucker),
laundebaaz ( bugger). Dafaa ho! "bugger off!
This is all I can think of   for the time being, but there are tons of slurs
out there. Hindi and Panjabi are very rich languages!

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on 01/11/2006 17:20,     Allen W Thrasher at athr at LOC.GOV wrote:

> A film-maker is doing a film on the Komagatu Maru incident (the turning back
> of a ship of Indian immigrant farm workers from Vancouver, BC in 1914).  She
> needs to know what slurs, slang, or derogatory words the Indians involved
> would have applied to the  British or to the employees of the Immigration
> offices.  I already suggested Ferenghi and Gora (log), but does anyone know
> any others?
> Thanks,
> Allen Thrasher

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