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Maybe is also still available
the CD
"Inde du Sud. Musiques rituelles et théâtre du Kerala/South India. Ritual
Music and Theatre of Kerala", Publishing reference: Le Chant du Monde LDX
274 910 CM , distributed by Harmonia Mundi France, Series: Collection du
Centre de la Recherche scientifique et du Musée de l'homme (1989).
in which
excepts  nos. 2-3 = recitation of the .Rgveda (the second one in
rathapaa.tha with one student following the sa.mhitaa- and the other the
no 4 = from the Saamaveda (Jaiminiiya)
no. 5 = sample of Kuu.tiyaa.t.tam performance
no. 8 = sample of Giitagovinda sung in Guruvâyur

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>Tim (and others),
>You might think of getting that done through the Archives and Research
>Center for Ethnomusicology, part of the AIIS in Delhi.  They are
>interested in such things, and I long ago promised them copies of some
>tapes I made of chanting of the Vedas and Kavya during my first stay in
>India.  Already I have  leant them to copy some early Goan 78 rpm vinyls I
>bought in the Bhendi Bazar in Bombay.
>Part of the idea of the ARCE is for US scholars to give back to India some
>of the things they have gained there.
>I don't know for sure whether they have any interest in audio that is in
>no way "music,"  but their homepage
>  mentions "music and oral
>traditions," which may imply they would be.
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>>>> LubinT at WLU.EDU 01/09/06 5:13 PM >>>
>I possess a privately made cassette of Prof. Nagaraja Rao, of Mysore,
>illustrating various meters in a quite beautiful style of chanting.
>Most of the examples are from the works of Kaalidaasa and from
>Bhart.rhari's "Satakatraya.  In the course of this he also recounts some
>amusing anecdotes about Appayadiik.sita.
>I will see about getting these recordings transferred to digital format
>so that it can be made readily available if anyone else is interested.
>Tim Lubin
>Washington and Lee University
>>>> mkapstei at UCHICAGO.EDU 12/29/05 7:48 PM >>>
>Can anyone recommend some goods sources for digital
>recordings of spoken Sanskrit, Sanskrit poetry and dramatic
>recitation, etc.? Examples of the chants used for
>reciting various meters would be of particular interest.
>A recorded anthology of Sanskrit poetry, I suppose, is too
>much to hope for just yet.
>Matthew Kapstein

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