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With thanks to all contributors, 
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--- Plamen Gradinarov <plamen at ORIENTALIA.ORG>

> Neither does Barbara. But we are not degrading
> it to inductive reasoning because of that. All
> universal judgements are true under certain
> conditions. There might be conditions in the
> universe or in our distant future where the
> universal premise "All people are mortal" will
> turn wrong. Aristotelian deductive logic is
> operating under such unspoken - and mostly
> unreflected - conditions, kind of a
> psycho-anthropological implicate order.
> The same with Indian logic. In their
> Lebenswelt, the hetu-vakya was deemed
> sufficiently apodictic - and the guarantees
> were provided from two valid sources:
> successful practice and alaukika-pratyaksa.
> While the Aristotelian logic in this sense is a
> little bit lame - it doesn't rely on the Yogic
> power of seeing the samanya-laksana and the
> things as they are. European logic had to wait
> for Husserl to introduce this pramana (the
> Wesensshau = yogaja-pratyaksa) into
> philosophical and methodological use. Indian
> logic was transcendental and methodologically
> ripe 2000 years before European logic to come
> to the same considerations and metalogical
> concerns.
> Best regards,
> Plamen
>   ----- Original Message ----- 
>   From: Richard P. Hayes 
>   Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2006 6:20 PM
>   The Indian inference schema does not offer
> any such
>   guarantees.

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