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> Does anyone have a digital version of the Satasahasrika 
> I am trying to locate a reference to a bodhisattva as 

The "Digital Sanskrit Buddhist Canon" site 
( seems to 
be preparing an online version, but it is not available at 
this moment (go to "download", "Sutra"; Satasahasrika 
appears in the list, but it is not clickable).

By the way, Edward Conze gives some references to 
mAyA-puruSa in his _Materials for a dictionary the 
PrajñApAramitA literature_ / by Edward Conze. - Tokyo : 
Suzuki Research foundation, 1967, p. 320, s.v.
According to Conze, there are passages in the 
Astasahasrika, Pañcavimsatisahasrika and Saptasatika (one 
of the Pañcavimsati- references seems to correspond to the 

Hope it helps
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