BAU or Buddha's life ... which came first?

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at BERKELEY.EDU
Tue Dec 5 05:33:34 UTC 2006

Dear Jan,

This article may be of some help:

Goto, Toshifumi. 2005. Yajñavalkya's 
Characterization of the Atman and the Four Kinds 
of Suffering in Early Buddhism. Electronic 
Journal of Vedic Studies 12, no. 2: 71-85.
Online at:


At 09:15 AM 12/4/2006, you wrote:
>Dear All,
>One of the many problems of dating texts and
>events in Indian cultural history concerns the
>relative dates of the Brhad-Aranyaka-Upanisad and
>the life of the Buddha. The 'traditional' view,
>starting from estimates by Max Müller and others,
>would place the old Vedic Upanisads, including
>BAU, before the Buddha. Some have argued,
>however, that the BAU was composed (finalized?)
>after the Buddha (and after Panini). I remember
>that Johannes Bronkhorst (The two traditions of
>meditation) and Richard Gombrich have written on
>this (in the 80s-90s). What are the latest
>contributions on this topic in which a student of
>mine is interested?
>Jan Houben

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