Meaning of Venkita

Shyam Ranganathan srangan at YORKU.CA
Tue Apr 25 15:32:14 UTC 2006

Isn't it "Venkata"? I know that the diminuative is "Venki" but I don't think the
"i" is found in the full word in Tamil or other Dravidian languages.

M.M. Williams has an entry on the word (p.1014). According to it, it is the name
of the hill that the famous Tiripati temple sits on (thus, Venkatesvara is the
lord of that hill). It also says it's derived from the Prakrit "vyan.kat.a".

Shyam Ranganathan

Quoting Anand Dilip <sucindram_omlr at REDIFFMAIL.COM>:

>      Can any one help me in finding the meaning
> Dear Collegues,
>      Can any one help me in finding the meaning of the word "Venkita".
> The word is used all over south india associated with many sanskrit terms
> like Esvara (Venkitesvara). I think the word is a dravidic one.
> With regards,
> Dr. Anand

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