Sanskrit recordings

Timothy Lubin LubinT at WLU.EDU
Mon Apr 3 15:24:54 UTC 2006

I hereby make good on my promise to make available a recording of Prof.
Nagaraja Rao reciting stanzas in a variety of meters:
There you will find the whole recording (24 MB, uncompressed), plus the
first 2/3 divided into smaller segments.
I also have a similar but shorter recording of S. S. Janaki reciting,
which I will try to get done as well.
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>>> Earlier I wrote: >>>

> I possess a privately made cassette of Prof. Nagaraja Rao, of
> illustrating various meters in a quite beautiful style of chanting. 
> Most of the examples are from the works of Kaalidaasa and from
> Bhart.rhari's "Satakatraya.  In the course of this he also recounts
> amusing anecdotes about Appayadiik.sita.
> I will see about getting these recordings transferred to digital
> so that it can be made readily available if anyone else is
> Tim Lubin
> Washington and Lee University
> >>> mkapstei at UCHICAGO.EDU 12/29/05 7:48 PM >>>
> Can anyone recommend some goods sources for digital
> recordings of spoken Sanskrit, Sanskrit poetry and dramatic
> recitation, etc.? Examples of the chants used for
> reciting various meters would be of particular interest.
> A recorded anthology of Sanskrit poetry, I suppose, is too
> much to hope for just yet.
> Matthew Kapstein

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