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Blue beryl.  There's a detailed examination specifically on this issue in 
an article by Marianne Winder in the book "Studies on Indian Medical 
History" edited by Jan Meulenbeld and myself. (2nd edition published by 
Motilal Banarsidass.)


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> I'm sending the reply below on behalf of Sally Sutherland Goldman, who was 
> unable to send it directly to Indology.
> Luis González-Reimann
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> Vaidurya  can refer to either "cat's-eye beryl," or" lapis lazuli." 
> Caty's-eye beryl is traditionally said to be produced on a mountain in Sri 
> Lanka (Mt. Vidura).  Vaidurya is sometimes translated as emerald, which is a 
> green variety of beryl. Lapis Lazuli, of course, comes largely from the 
> mountains of Afghanistan  (in the region of the Kokca River). See Mayrhofer, 
> 1956-1980,  vol. 3, p.267-68) and Apte s.v.  See too, notes to the Ramayana 
> translation (Pollock, notes to 3.30.9, LeFeber, notes to 4.13.5-8), (Goldman 
> and Goldman, notes to,etc).
> Sally Sutherland Goldman
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