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The Institute of Philosophical Studies A. C., it is allowed to invite to all the investigators and scholars of social sciences to participate in : 

1° International Encounter, Philosophy of the Religion in a Globalizade Postmodern World 
Saltillo, Coah. Mexico. March 30-31, 2006. 

Masterful Conferences 
1.- The Religion and Bioétic ( abortion and euthanasy) 
Dr. Horacio Elías Arganis Diaz Leal. 

2.- Religion and human rights. 
Monsignor Raúl Vera. 

3.- Buddhism and Hinduism, theirAxiological contributions to theModern world. 
Mtro. Henry Williams. 

4.- Dr.Elio Masferrer Kan 
Secretary of the Latin American Association for the Study of Religion. 

Works Tables or Symposias 

The Philosophies of Religion from India and their proposals. 
The Theology of the Liberation and Perspectives. 
The Right of religious Diversity in a globalizade world and postmodernity. 
The Big Challenges of the Catholic Church. 
Fundamentalist, Islamism and Terrorism. 
The overpassing the antinomy Faith-Reason. (Religion ?science before the scientific-technological advances of the contemporary world. 
The theological-proposalbefore a axiológical convulsed society. 
Holocaust and Judaism to sixty years from II World War. 
Reforms and Protestantism. 
Esoterism and animism in the modern world. 

Space open to suggest symposia. 
There will be translators .

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