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Dear Christian,

I would be happy to contribute with a review now and then. I do not have an
English CV at hand and do not have the time to produce one since I am on my
way to India for a month. However, I will say the following few words about

Present job:

Associate professor with specialisation in Indian religions at the Section
of History of Religions, Department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies,
University of Copenhagen, Artillerivej 86, DK-2300, Copenhagen S. (since

Main research interests: Vedic and Hindu-traditions (especially ritual,
pilgrimage and sacred space), religion and law, as well as religion and

For recent publications, please see Otherwise, you may refer
to Bruce Lincoln who is probably sitting next to you.


Erik Reenberg Sand
Chairman, Section of History of Religions

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Dear Friends,

I have in recent years been given the responsibility for assigning 
reviewers to books on South Asian religions for the Journal of 
Religion ( We hope to 
increase the number of South Asian reviews in the coming years, and I 
am thus always on the lookout for new reviewers.

This is a great gig for recent PhDs and/or ABDs who want to add to 
their publications; though, of course, more senior scholars who would 
like to do service to the field are also very welcome. (Note that we 
do not assign reviews to graduate students before they have completed 
their exams and become "ABD.")

So, if you (or your students) are interested, please do (or have 
them) send me a letter to that effect, including a cv and stating in 
which general and specific areas you (or they) would like to review 

With many thanks,

Christian Wedemeyer

P.S. "South Asia" is meant to be fairly broadly construed here, so if 
you have specialization in South-East or Central Asia, do please 
mention this.

Christian K. Wedemeyer
Assistant Professor of the History of Religions
The University of Chicago Divinity School
1025 East 58th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637    USA
(773) 702-8265 (phone)
(773) 702-8223 (fax)

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