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Wed Oct 26 08:57:40 UTC 2005

Dear learned members,


I am happy to introduce to you a new title in the filed of Indology by my friend and scholar of philosophy Dr. Sundar Sarukkai, who has affiliation with National Institute of Advanced Studies, IISc, Bangalore. Hope, this book could be of interest of some of you.


Title: "Indian Philosophy and Philosophy of Science"
Author: Sundar Sarukkai, NIAS, Bangalore, India.

Publication: 2005.
ISBN: 81-87586-22-2
Distributor: Motilal Banarsidass,

Hardback pp. xiii + 268

Price: Rs. 450.

 This book introduces the reader to Indian logic,
 epistemology and some aspects of philosophy of
 language in the Indian traditions as well as themes in
 philosophy of science. The author argues why and how rational
 traditions of Indian philosophy yield new concepts and
 categories for modern contemporary thought,
 particularly philosophy of science. 


Indian rational traditions such as Indian logic,
 drawn from both Buddhist and Nyâya philosophies, are
 not only relevant for philosophy of science but are
 also intrinsically concerned with scientific
 methodology. Relationships between these traditions
 and modern Western philosophy are also explored
 thereby suggesting how Indian philosophy can engage
 with contemporary philosophy of science.





Shrinivasa Varkhedi,

Dept. of Shabdabodha and Language Technology

Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha deemed University

Tirupati, India.

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