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Just a guess...did contemporary newspapers list some of these rates?  The New York Times archive is available through a subscription service that is probably available at most major U.S. universities.

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  I can't find anything online that far back, but the fee-based service  Global Financial Data claims to have data going back to 1590, and for India going back to 1812.  Maybe UC subscribes.  My library doesn't.


  Google searches for Historical Exchange Rates (India) yield various free sites govermental and private and the discovery that "historical" in such contexts  means going back at the very most to the 1970s, and usually only a few years.  To save you looking, this site  takes India back to 1922 but not earlier: 
  Economic History Services <<>>.

  There must be some standard reference book on this for all countries, but I can't find a search strategy to come up with it.  If no one else posts anything promptly I'll ask my colleagues in the Business Reading Room.


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  >>> mkapstei at UCHICAGO.EDU<mailto:mkapstei at UCHICAGO.EDU> 10/24/05 10:16 AM >>>
  Would any of you have some information on
  the exchange rate for the rupee in about 1900?
  If, in addition to the rupee to pounds and/or dollar rates,
  there are estimates of values in current rupees, i.e.,
  the inflation index, that would be useful to me as well.

  with thanks,
  Matthew Kapstein

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