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Hello Allen,

I am teaching the Arthashastra this semester. Kangle's translation is best. Here is the reading list I have given my student:

Obligatory material

Hartmut Scharfe: Investigations in Kautalya’s Manual of Political Science. Harrassowitz Verlag 1993. s. 102-251, 275-293) (167 sider)

Lars Martin Fosse: The Crux of Chronology in Sanskrit Literature. Statistics and Indology. A Study of Method. Oslo 1997. (side 73-82).

J. Heesterman: Kautilya and the Ancient Indian State. I: The Inner Conflict of Tradition. s. 128-141 (13 sider)

Patrick Olivelle: Manu and the Arthashastra. Journal of Indian Philosophy, 32: 281-291, 2004. (10 sider)

Maria Schetelich: Die mandala-Theorie in Artha- und Nitisastra. I: Recht, Staat und Verwaltung im klassischen Indien. Herausgegeben von Bernard Kölver. München 1997, s. 211-237. (26 sider)

Eva Ritschl: Überlegungen zu atavi und anderen Gruppen der Anarya-Bevölkerung im alten Indian nach Sanskritquellen. I: Recht, Staat und Verwaltung im klassischen Indien. Herausgegeben von Bernard Kölver. München 1997, s. 245-253. (8 sider)

J. Duncan M. Derrett: Rajadharma. The Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 35, No. 4, 1976, s. 597-609. (12 sider)

Thomas R. Trautmann: A Metrical Original for the Kautiliya Arthasastra?. Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 88, No. 2, 1968, 347-349. (2 sider)

George Modelski: Kautilya: Foreign Policy and International System in the Ancient Hindu World. The American Political Science Review, Vol. 58, No. 3, 1964, 549-560. (11 sider). Tilsammen: 258 sider

Other material: 

John W. Spellman: Political Theory of Ancient India. A Study of Kingship from th earliest times to circa A.D. 300. Oxford 1964.

Bernhardt Breloer: Kautilya-Studien (1927-34)

Sten Konow: Kautilya Studies, 1945. 

Friedrich Wilhelm: Politische Polemiken im Staatslehrbuch Kautilyas. Wiesbaden 1960. 

Paul Hacker: Anvikshiki, WZKSO 2, 1958. (See also Kleine Schriften).

Otto Stein: Megasthenes und Kautilya. Wien, 1921

P. V. Kane: History of Dharmashastra. Poona 1968. (Chap. 14, big section on the Arthashastra, more than a 100 pages). 

Harry Falk: Die Prüfung der Beamten im Arthashastra, Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens, bind. 30, 1986. p. 65ff.

Trautmann's statistical study of the AS is probably too off-beat for a professor of politics. 

Lars Martin

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> Can anyone suggest which translation of the Arthasastra would be best for a professor of political science to add to a general graduate level course on political theory, and also which background material to recommend both for him to learn about the book and to commend to his students?  His training is solely in Western poltical thought.
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