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Richard MAHONEY r.mahoney at ICONZ.CO.NZ
Wed Oct 5 20:00:49 UTC 2005

[To H-Buddhism subscribers, I apologise for cross posting]

Dear Colleagues,

The static IeB web site has been migrated to a dynamic content
management system on a new platform. This should improve site
navigation, searching, response and availability. New material has also
been added. Notably RSS news aggregation for related material and IeB

Lexica is a web interface to a collection of Sanskrit, Tibetan and
English dictionaries and word lists, including Sanskrit-Tibetan
Terminology based on the `Yogācārabhūmi' and `Mahāvyutpatti', and
`Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary'.

At this point the site as a whole consists of:

1/. Repositorium: a content management platform providing a repository
or archive for texts, materials and lexica pertinent to the study of
Indian Buddhism, and to Indology and Buddhology in general.

2/. Catalogus Bibliothecarum: a virtual union catalogue providing
centralised access to library servers with significant Indological and
Buddhological collections.

3/. Lexica: a web interface giving access to definitions from a
collection of Sanskrit-Tibetan, Sanskrit-English and English-English
dictionaries and word lists.

4/. Scriptio: a publishing platform used for flagging changes to the web

5/. Mechanisma: a groupware suite for coordinating group activities and
sharing information and documents.

Best regards,

 Richard MAHONEY

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