Indian Logic Forum opens today

Plamen Gradinarov plamen at ORIENTALIA.ORG
Sun Oct 2 22:54:52 UTC 2005

Indian Logic Forum officially opens today at 

As previously announced, ILF opens today with 30 founding members having expressed their support for the idea. The list of all founding members is published at and will function henceforth as a db-driven Registrar for Nyaya Scholars and Experts. 

With its 8 categories (General, Publications, Nyaya Sastra, Methodology, Philosophical Debate, Special Theories, Language Studies, Related Topics) and 38 topical forums, ILF offers a well-structured platform for panel discussions and online conferences. 

Apart from being a central node for online discussion, Indian Logic Forum offers a number of relevant services and options: 

1. Archive of Working Papers - 
2. Reviews Database - 
3. Library of Downloads - 
4. Message Board for announcing IL-related projects and calls - 
5. Links DB for listing your online project or personal page - 
6. Experts DB for registering as a Nyaya Scholar - 
7. Article Submit for the Electronic Journal of Indian Philosophy - (when registering, if possible, use the same nick as at ILF). 

Optional Subscriptions: 
1. ILF News 
2. Topic Subscription for new messages - on the page of any theme 
3. Forum Subscription for new topics - on the main mage of any forum (Watch this forum for new topics) 
4. ILF Digest - in the top horizontal menu. If you are not in a position to monitor the work of ILF, a cron job can be programmed to get regular digests of all forums that are of particular interest to you. 

My special thanks are extended to all founding and regular members who have helped me with advice and good word while setting up this forum.

I hope you will enjoy the new community and turn it into a necessary stop for all students of Indian Philosophy.

... And thanks Dominik for asking :-)


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