Decoding date in Sanskrit verse

Jenni Cover jenni.cover at URNET.COM.AU
Tue Nov 29 23:37:12 UTC 2005


Can anyone help decode the date in this verse (from the commentary, written
by Divakara, on Bodhasara, written by Narahari).
Sake gajatrimunibhUmimite tu varshe
rAmAdrinAgaSaSacihnamite tapasye
pakshe site sutaSaSAnkatithau jnavAre 
vyAkhyA samAptimagamadvibudhaikavandyA 
I think the first line says: In the year 1738 in the shAka era, which
becomes 1816 in our calendar. (gaja =8, tri=3,muni=7,bhUmi=1) 
In the second line tapasya can mean the month phAlguna (feb/mar). 
In the third line pakshe site can mean the bright half of the lunar month,
jnavAre can mean Wednesday 
vyAkhyA = gloss or commentary, samAptim=finished, completed 
Jenni Cover,
PhD Student, University of Sydney, Australia
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Do not hinder it as it goes. 
In whatever form it comes, everything and everyone is gladly accepted. 
This is the best discipline.
from Bodhasara by Narahari

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